Dr. John Bukowczyk
History, Wayne State University
John Bukowczyk (B.A., Northwestern University; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University) is Professor of History at Wayne State University in Detroit. Bukowczyk's publications include And My Children Did Not Know Me: A History of the Polish Americans (Indian University Press, 1987); A History of the Polish Americans (Transaction, 2008); and, as editor, Polish Americans and Their History: Community, Culture, and Politics (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1996). Bukowczyk is the editor of the Journal of American Ethnic History and the Ohio University Press Polish and Polish-American Studies Series. He also is the recipient of the Gold Cross of Merit of Republic, a number of publication prizes, and several PAHA awards: the Distinguished Service Award (2001); the Miecislaus Haiman Award (1994); the Oskar Halecki Prize (1987) for the best book, And My Children Did Not Know Me: A History of the Polish- Americans;  and the Swastek Prize (1985) for the best article published in Polish American Studies, "Polish Rural Culture and Immigrant Working Class Formation, 1880-1914" in Vol. 41, No. 2 (Autumn 1984).