Polish American Studies, Autumn 2012, Volume 69, No. 2


  • "Join, or Die" - The Road to Cooperation Among East European Exiled Political Leaders in the United States, 1949-1954, by Anna Mazurkiewicz - 5
  • The Neighborhood of Memory: Stuart Dybek's Chicago, by Grazyna J. Kozaczka - 44
  • The Survival of Polish Communities in Small Canadian Industrial Cities: A Comparative Study of Arvida, Quebec, and Sydney, Nova Scotia, by Tom Urbaniak - 57
  • The Power to Organize: A Female Tradition? by Pien Versteegh - 76


Being a Consideration of Ingredients Thought to Be Necessary for Producing a Memorable Work, by Anthony J. Bajdek - 94


Polish Freedom Fighters on American Soil: Polish Veterans in America from the Revolutionary War to 1939, by Teofil Lachowicz
reviewed by John M. Grondelski - 105

The Polish American Encyclopedia, edited by James S. Pula
reviewed by Harriet Napierkowski - 107

Isadore's Secret: Sin, Murder, and Confession in a Northern Michigan Town, by Mardi Link
reviewed by John Radzilowski - 109

Poles in Wisconsin, by Susan Gibson Mikos
reviewed by John M. Grondelski - 110

Escapes of a Special Meaning, by Jolanta Druzynska and Stanislaw M. Jankowski
reviewed by Arnold Klonczynski - 112

 Polish American Studies, Spring 2012, Volume 69, No. 1


  • The Polish Presence in Latin America: An Introduction, by Silvia G. Dapia - 5
  • Major General Carlos Roloff Mialofsky: The Polish Mambo, by Jose B. Fernandez - 9
  • Positivists, Naturalists, Travelers, But Not Settlers: Poles in Peru; in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, by Marta Kania - 27
  • Polish Postwar Migration to Brazil, 1945-55, by Senia Regina Bastos & Maria do Rosario Rolfsen Salles - 55 
  • Polish Immigrants in Argentina, by Bernarda Zubrzycki - 75


Kraj a emigracja: ruch ludowy wobec wychodzstwa chlopskiego do krajow Ameryki Lacinskiej (do 1939 roku), by Jerzy Mazurek (Mariusz Malinowski) - 99

Argentynska lekcja, movie by Wojciech Staron; (Silvia G. Dapia) - 102

Titanic - Ocean Tragedy: A Compilation of Original Works by Polish American Publishers, by Paul S. Valasek (Cheryl A. Pula) - 104

Cain at Gettysburg, by Ralph Peters (James S. Pula) - 106

The Irish Way: Becoming American in the Multiethnic City, by James R. Barrett (John M. Grondelski) - 107

Metropolis Burning, by Karen Kovacik (Ewa Chrusciel) - 109