Polish American Studies, Vol. 72, no. 2 (Autumn 2015)



The Polish Political System in Exile, by Sławomir Łukasiewicz

Exiles and the Homeland: The State of Research, by Paweł Ziętara

Polish Political Emigration in the 1980s: Current Research, Perspectives and Challenges, by Patryk Pleskot

Political Emigration from East Central Europe During the Cold War, by Anna Mazurkiewicz

Perspectives on Research on the Post-1939 History of Polish Americans, by Joanna Wojdon


Polish American Studies, Vol. 72, no 1 (Spring 2015)


Troubles with “Mela”: A Polish American Reporter, the Secret Services of People’s Poland, and the FBI – by Paweł Ziętara

Cold War Airwaves: The Polish American Congress and the Justice for Poland Campaign – by Robert Szymczak

Leaving Kożuchów, a Village in Dobrzechów Parish, Galicia – by Patricia B. Yocum

The Khaki Boys Series: Images of Polish Americans, 1918-1920 – by Thomas J. Napierkowski