Polish American Studies, Vol. 73, No. 2 (Autumn 2016)


Bringing the Notion of “Ethclass” to Life: Victor Greene’s Contributions to the History of American Industrial Workers, by Ewa Morawska

Victor Greene, the Immigration and Ethnic History Society, and Urban Studies, by Ronald Bayor

Victor Greene: Colleague, Friend, and Mensch, by Dominic A. Pacyga

Victor Greene, the Polish Immigrant Miner, and the Origins of the New Labor History, by James R. Barrett

Remembering Victor Greene, by James S. Pula

Victor Greene as Immigration Historian: Themes and Contexts, by Dorothee Schneider


Were There Really Poles in New-Netherland? by James S. Pula and Pien Versteegh

Crossing the Boundaries of Modernity: The Post-Abolition Journey of Polish Peasants to the United States, by Marta Cieślak

Nationally and Religiously: Commemorations in the Life of the Polish Diaspora in Sweden, 1945-1989, by Arnold Kłonczyński


Polish American Studies, Vol. 73, no. 1 (Spring 2016)


James S. Pula: Bibliography of Works, by Thomas Duszak

Introducing the Polish Experience into American History, by James S. Pula

“So They Will Know their Heritage:” Reflections on Research post Polish Americans, by Mary Patrice Erdmans

Has the “Salt Water Curtain” Been Raised Up? Globalizing Historiography of Polish America, by Adam Walaszek

Writing Poland and America: Polish American Fiction in the Twenty First Century, by Grażyna J. Kozaczka

Polonia’s Ambassador to the United States:  The Mystery of Jerzy Jan Sosnowski, 1917-1918, by M. B. B. Biskupski