Polish American Studies, Autumn 2004, Volume 61, No. 2

Polka Studies in the Scholarly Landscape - by Ann Hetzel Gunkel, p. 5


  • The Clarinet Polka: Life, Literature and Music by Thomas J. Napierkowski, p. 9
  • Fathers, Daughters and the Polka: Accordian Crimes and Misdemeanors in Hoopi Shoopi Donna by Harriett Napierkowski, p. 25
  • Immigrant Voices: Polka Lyrics as Ethnic Literature by Ann Hetzel Gunkel, p. 35
  • Charlie Won’t Dance: Polka as Therapy by Eugenia Pawlik Zeitlin, p. 55
  • Pushing Politics: Polka Music and Polonia by David J. Jackson, p. 61
  • Sundays in Pulaski Park edited by Suzanne Strempek Shea, p. 87

Horn Man: A Review Essay - by Mark Kohan 

Polish American Studies, Spring 2004, Volume 61, No. 1


  • Why Does History Matter?, by His Excellency Przemyslaw Grudzinski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland
  • The Kosciuszko Reds, 1909-1919: Kings of the Milwaukee Sandlots by Neal Pease
  • Educating Polish Immigrants Chicago Style: 1980-2002 by Geraldine Balut Coleman
  • "A Branch Cut Off From Its Trunk?" The Affects of Immigration Restriction on American Polonia by James S. Pula
  • A Bibliography on Polish Americans, 1996-2000 by Mark Kulikowski
  • Memories of a Recruiting Officer by Fryderyk T. Janda