Polish American Studies, Autumn 2003, Volume 60, No.2


The Sacred in the City: Polonian Street Processions as Countercultural Practice, by Ann Hetzel Gunkel

Ethnic Appeals: The 1960 and 1968 Presidential Elections in Buffalo's Polish American Community, by Craig R. Bucki

Overseas Migration from Partitioned Poland: Poznania and Eastern Galicia as Case Studies, by Dorota Praszalowicz


Polish American Studies, Spring 2003, Volume 60, No. 1


  • The Future of Polonia's Past: An Introduction, by Anna D. Jaroszyńska-Kirchmann and Joel Wurl
  • The Connecticut Polish American Archives, Central Connecticut State University, by Ewa Wolynska
  • The Hoover Institution Collections on Poles in the United States, by Maciej Siekierski
  • The Polish Museum of America, by Jan Lorys
  • Preserving American Polonia: Perspectives from the Immigration History Research Center, by Joel Wurl
  • From the Polish National Catholic Church: A Tale of Two Archives in One City, by Joseph W. Wieczerzak
  • The Polish Book Collection, Alumni Memorial Library, St. Mary's College, by Karen Majewski
  • The Archives, Libraries and Museums of Polonia at Orchard Lake, by Rev. Roman Nir 
  • The Archives of the Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America, by Stanisaw Flis 
  • A Brief History of the Mission and Collections of the Pisudski Institute of America for Research in the Modern History of Poland, by Pawel Pietrzyk
  • Sources for the History of American Polonia in the Collection of the Archiwum Akt Nowych in Warsaw, by Edward Kolodziej
  • The Culture of Polish Emigration: The Archives of the Polish Emigration in Torun, by Mirosaw Adam Supruniuk
  • Polish Emigrant Periodicals in the Jan Jabonski Library of the Society of Christ in Poznan by Fr. Jarosaw Staszewski, SChr
  • The Archival Collections at the Center for the Documentation of Polish Emigration at "Dom Polonii" in Pultusk, by Danuta Szopa