PAHA is a proud partner of the Museum of Polish History which is currently developing an online resource: This website features primary sources related to the Polish history - both in Polish and in English.

List prepared by Dr. Anna Muller:

Select primary sources available online:

1/ Selections from Anonymous Gaul, accessible at

2/ Jan Długosz, selections of his Annals, accessible at

3/ Marcin Kromer, Polonia, accessible at
Mikołaj Rey, Life of an Honest Man, accessible at

4/ Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski, On the Reform of the Commonwealth, accessible at

5/ Piotr Skarga, Sermons to the Diet (Eighth Sermon), accessible at

6/ The Treaty of Brest, 1595, available at

7/ Jan Słomka, The Life of a Polish Peasant, ca. 1900, accessible at

8/ Woodrow Wilson, Fourteen Points speech, accessible at

9/ American Jewish Relief Committee, report on Postwar Poland, 1919, accessible at

10/ Report on Young Women Workers in Poland, 1952, accessible at

11/ J. Musiałkowski’s article on Warsaw women masons, 1949, accessible at