Polish American Studies, Autumn 2006, Volume 63, No. 2


  • In Praise of Work (to Be Done) - by Mary Patrice Erdmans, p. 5


  • The Unremembered Movement: Abstinence Among Polish Americans by William Galush, p. 13
  • Wojciechowo: Polish Immigrants in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1875 to 1925 by John Radzilowski, p. 23
  • Teofil Starzynski's Activities to Recruit Polish Soldiers in Canada During the Second World War by Szymon Szytniewski, p. 59
  • Haiman and Halecki in Light of the Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America Archives by Thaddeus V. Gromada, p. 79


The Grasinski Girls. The Choices They Had and the Choices They Made by Mary Patrice Erdmans - reviewed by Anne Hetzel Gunkel, p. 93

Illuminating the Particular: Photographs of Milwaukee's South Side by Christel T. Maass, p. 95 and Images of America: The Polish Community of Worcester by Barbara Proko, John Kraska, Jr., and Janice Baniukiewicz Stickles - reviewed by Anthony J. Kuzniewski, SJ, p. 95

Polish American Studies, Spring 2006, Volume 63, No. 1


  • The Impact of Mazowsze and Slask on Polish Folk Dancing in California by Maja Trochimczyk, p. 5
  • Polish American Reaction to Civil Rights in Milwaukee, 1963-1965 by Stephen M. Leahy, p. 35
  • A Pastoral Plan for Polonia in the New Millennium by Most Rev. Thomas J. Paprocki, p. 57
  • Miracle: American Polonia, Karol Wojtyła and the Election of Pope John Paul II by John Radziłowski, p. 79


Polish-American Folklore by Deborah Anders Silverman - reviewed by Ann Hetzel Gunkel, p. 91

Hamtramck Haunts by Charlotte L. Cavanary - reviewed by John Radzilowski, p. 92

W imieniu szesciu milionow. Kongres Polonii Amerykankiej w latach 1944-1968 by Joanna Wojdon - reviewed by Anna Jaroszynska-Kirchmann, p. 93