Polish American Studies, Autumn 2014, Volume 71, No. 2 


  • Edward Moskal in the Polish Press by Joanna Wojdon
  • Ecosomatic and Ethnological Pathologies: Ethnicity, Disability and Capabilities in Meridel Le Sueur's "Women on the Breadlines" by Lina Geriguis
  • A Spirit of Insubordination and Opposition: A Parallel Struggle in the Creation of Independent Polish Catholic and Methodist Churches in Baltimore, Maryland by Thomas L. Hollowak
  • "Living in Another Language:" Witold Gombrowicz's Argentinean Experience by Silvia G. Dapia

Polish American Studies, Spring 2014, Volume 71, No. 1


  • Scouting for Identity: Recruiting Daughters to Save the Traditional Polish Family During the Interwar Years by Lori A. Matten - 5
  • "Another Polka Rockin' Weekend" Polish American Polka Music, Identity, and Traditional Values by David James Jackson - 37
  • Previously Unknown Soviet Documents and Polish Americans During World War II by Pawel Markiewicz - 53


Emigracje bliskie i dalekie. Studium wspolczesnych emigracji zarobkowych na przykladzie wojewodztwa podlaskiego, by Barbara Cieslinska (John M. Grondelski) - 69

Cesarz Ameryki. Wielka ucieczka z Galicji, by Martin Pollack; translated by Karolina Niedenthal (Magdalena Nowak) - 71

The Other East and Nineteenth-Century British Literature: Imagining Poland and the Russian Empire, by Thomas McLean (Adam Kozaczka) - 76

The United States and the Rebirth of Poland, 1914-1918, by M. B. B. Biskupski (Donald E. Pienkos) - 78

Seeing Cities Change: Local Culture and Class, by Jerome Krase (Anna Jaroszynska-Kirchmann) - 81

How the Polish Created Canada, by Jacek Kozak (James S. Pula) - 82

Polonia Chicagowska w Dobie "Solidarnosci" 1980-1989, by Janusz Wrobel (Donald E. Pienkos)