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Kulczycki Prize

Established in 1997 and discontinued in 2006, the Stanley A. Kulczycki Prize was "granted occasionally in recognition of an important dissertation on the Polish experience in the United States offered for graduate and post-doctoral research in Polish-American studies."

2006: Iwona Drag Korga, Dzialalnosc propagandowa rzadu RP na uchodzstwie wobec spoleczenstwa amerykanskiego 1939-1945 [propaganda activity of the PolishGovernment in Exile within American society] (Akademia Pedagogiczna im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej, Krakow, 2003)

2005: Brian McCook, The Borders of Integration: Polish Migrant Workers in the Ruhr Valley of Germany and the Pennyslvania Anthracite Regions of the United States, 1870-1924 Link to the Publisher's Website

2001: Anna Jaroszynska-Kirchmann, The Exile Mission: Polish Political Refugees and American Polonia, 1939-1956 Link to the Publisher's Website

2000: Karen Majewski, Traitors and True Poles Link to the Publisher's Website

Artwork by Polish American artist Julian Stanczak: Structural Cadmium Red and Structural Cobalt from a 2012-13 series of paintings (24 by 24 each). Used by Permission.